Welcome to my portfolio!

On this page you can read who I am, what I do, how I do that and why I do that.

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I am a creative technical problem solver, I enjoy analyzing complex problems looking for an inventive solution. My designs are solid and of high quality. I do not shy away from complex technical systems and can completely oversee these after a thorough analysis and foresee the consequences of adjustments. I am inquisitive and eager to learn, I like to find out how things work and I learn quickly. I am also calm and optimistic, I try to pass that on to others.

Product design

As a child I used to take apart products to study their structure and inner workings. Now years later I have realised many of my own product ideas. To gain more knowledge and skills in this field I got my bachelor's degree in 'Industrial Product Design'. The interaction between the user and the product interests me the most. I enjoy designing products for children that lets them learn in a playful way. I now want to focus more on designing products to help functionaly impaired people live a more independent and carefree life.

Software development

I wrote my frst program on an MSX in the mid-80s. When I was 20 when my professional IT career started. Mainframe (TPF), desktop (.NET), web (ASP), handheld (Android), embedded (Atmel); I have developed software for all of these. Designing the desired solution is what I do best; transforming user requirements into a solid design, the technical structure, the database design. I doesn't get too complex for me!


My interest in electronics can be found in many of my projects. During the course 'Computer science' I found an interest in microcontrollers, I have created many 'smart' products since then. Lately I am working with more complex techniques like using multiple microcontrollers in a product. I have also started designing my own custom printed circuitboards and having them produced.

Rapid prototyping

Many of my product ideas have come to live by the custom parts that I have been able to produce with my 3D printer. Transforming an idea into a 3D model is a complex technical proces where my spatial insight comes in handy. Recently I enhanced my 3D printer to also be able to plot drawings and cut vinyl sheets.


My interest in sound and music can be found in many of my products. Especially playing with sound, in any way, interests me. I have designed products with which you can produce sounds in an unusual way. Any musical instrument interests me, from the many ways that sound can be produced to the effect a shape can have on that sound. I am also interested in musical theory, like the scientific interplay of tones.


I think playing is important, not only for children but for everyone. What appears to be aimless activity can help to break free from limiting thoughts and thereby help to think outside the box. I often try to incorporate a game element into my products, it also makes it more interesting. I have many ideas for board games, playground equipment and electronic games.


I have a broad interest, I like to study technical subjects in particular. I often make working models to test a theory myself or to better understand a technique. It gives me new ideas for my projects. I get inspiration from various art styles such as  jugendstil, art deco, streamlining, steampunk. I also find it fascinating to abstract an image as is done with screen prints or Western Canadian Haida art, and I often try to create it myself.

Check out the other pages to see my completed projects and current projects.