Current projects

I am always working on several projects simultaneously, below is a selection of them.

They combine my areas of interest; product design, software development, electronics, rapid prototyping, sound, playing.

Check out the other pages to see my completed projects and read more about me.

Remote controlled quad

My brother had the amazing idea to create a remote controlled quad. We try to use simple parts to give ourselves even more of a challenge. The steering has simple DC actuators, I 3D printed a custom holder for Hall sensors so that the steered distance can be measured. The controls for throttle, brake and shifting is controlled by servos. We are still looking for a safe place to test our creation.

Reverse engineering MSX game

For my 'RetroPie in a Gamecube'-project I adapted some MSX games, I taught myself Z80 assembler for that. I wanted to further customize the game 'Gunfright', such as changing the game field or sprites. That is why I am now building a program to disassemble the game and analyze the instructions in order to find out the overall structure. Then I can further describe the processes and adjust the game how I want.

Selfdriving RC car

I have always been fascinated by artificial intelligence and recently I taugh myself a lot about machine learning. To practice what I learned, I needed an object that could use a neural network. So I am enhancing a remote controlled car so that it becomes self-driving. It receives input from distance sensors and a custom speed sensor. I'm going to use a micrcontroller so it will have to be programmed as efficiently as possible. I create modules for all sensors so that their processing is done by separate microcontrollers.

Gameboy music game

I found a broken down Gameboy at a flee market, perfect for upcycling to a music game. It will have similar functionality as the game 'Beatnes'Three microcontrollers get their own tasks and communicate with each other. Two of them contain hardcoded samples and come in half-sized cartridges so they can be swapped with cartridges with other samples.The display becomes more abstract and completely custom-made. I can't wait to play with it.

Check out the other pages to see my completed projects and read more about me.